In the summer of 2011, Mark Drucker was a mild-mannered scientist with some friends that trained with Tony’s in the evenings. They introduced them and MD asked Tony if there was anything he ever thought of creating for his training.

At that point in time, Tony was training athletes on a broken treadmill as a way to train enabling the runner to be the motor. He said it would be cool if there could be some sort of resistance you could apply to a manually driven treadmill to help control the runners and also develop power and stride

MD then went about creating a machine that could meet that criteria.

MD emailed TV and said they should come up with a cool name that exemplified its purpose and function. They agreed on the Shredmill since it would assist any athlete in Shredding their competition and help the everyday person Shred their body by offering one of the best HIIT workouts imaginable

Over the next year, they tweaked and optimized this new machine and launched it on the world of athletic training.

They applied for a patent on it mid-2013 and were awarded the patent at the beginning of 2016

They have continually upgraded the capabilities of the machine and now have several models from which to choose from


– Broken treadmills used by Tony Villani.
– Athletes experienced great success in running power.
– TE Rob Housler was fastest at the NFL Combine at 246 pounds with a 4.46 and 4.53 official 40 yard dash time.


– The first SHREDmill Prototype was built.
– Athletes almost died on it.  Tony realized uses for power and speed were limitless.  It cannot be used like a regular treadmill or even a high performance speed treadmill.  It was too intense.
– Provisional patent applied for and accepted.
– First SHREDmill model made available for sale.  Now currently called the SHREDmill Pro XL.
– WR Travis Benjamin was fastest at the NFL Combine with a 4.32 and 4.36 official 40 yard dash time.


– Full Patent applied for with 18 individual claims mentioned.
– WR Anquan Boldin wanted a SHREDmill Pro XL for home use so the design of the smaller model SHREDmill Pro was born and produced.


– Full Patent was accepted with 12 of the 18 claims.  Patent was  reapplied for all 18 claims.
– A smoother form of adaptive resistance was developed by Mark Drucker.
– Both RB Mark Ingram and DB Kareem Jackson ordered a SHREDmill Pro XL for their home and in season use.
– Many other training facilities also placed their orders from Florida, Texas, Michigan, and Ohio.
– LB Kevin Pierre Louis was the fastest at the NFL Combine after gaining 16 pounds with a 4.46 and 4.51 official 40 yard dash time.


– Full Patent was accepted with 14 of the 18 claims.  Patent was reapplied for all 18 claims.
– LB Jerod Mayo ordered a SHREDmill Pro and Clemson University a SHREDmill Pro XL.
– NFL Up on NFL.com and NFL Network did a story on the SHREDmill at the NFL Combine.
– At the NFL Combine, record shattering RESULTS were reached.  LB Vic Beasley was the fastest DE or LB, Stephone Anthony was the fastest LB, Jeremy Langford was the fastest RB, Phillip Dorsett was the fastest WR, and Justin Cox was the fastest S.


– Full Patent was accepted for all 18 claims applied for!!!
– STACK Magazine noticed all the NFL Combine RESULTS and NFL Pro Bowl performances and called Tony Villani for an article.
– QB Jeff Driskel was the fastest at the NFL Combine with a 4.46 and 4.56 official 40 yard dash time.


– After a trade show where potential clients asked for more portability and a lower price point, the newer model SHREDmill was created.  Three SHREDmill models now available: The SHREDmill SLED, SHREDmill Pro, and SHREDmill Pro XL.
– LA Rams newly hired Head Coach Sean McVay called Tony Villani and got a SHREDmill Pro XL sent to LA for his team to use.
– DB Jalen Myrick was the FASTEST DB EVER at the NFL Combine and S Josh Jones had the fastest official hand time at 4.38 with a 4.41 official laser time.


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