Track Athlete

Gear 1 – First Step Explosion

Mainly trained in the weight room.  Force development is the goal that is rapid and immediate.  Mainly used in track events where blocks are allowed.

SHREDmill Athlete Keanu Neal / Most Explosive Safety 2016 NFL Combine

SHREDmill Athlete Travis Kelce

Gear 2 – Acceleration with Force

Goal – Body lean and power into ground behind athlete generates acceleration up to approximately 75% of an athlete’s top speed. Power is the key with this phase.  This is the speed generated in the first 3 to 5 steps from a standing position or after 1st Step Explosion from a track start position.

SHREDmill Set Up – Heavy Resistances

Desired Speeds – 13-15 mph on SHREDmill and same speed on the ground at the 5-7 yard mark.

SHREDmill Athlete Travis Kelce / All-Pro / Pro Bowl Tight End

SHREDmill Athlete Jacoby Ford

Gear 3 – Top End Acceleration with Form

Goal – Transition from the acceleration phase of power into the top speed phase by using acceleration with more sprint mechanics.  This is an additional 5-15 steps (totally up for argument on desired distance of total run) where form is initiated to help lift the chest to a more upright running position so top speed is attained.

SHREDmill Set Up – Medium resistances.

Desired Speeds – 15-18 mph on the SHREDmill and the same speed on the ground between the 12 to 18 yard mark.

SHREDmill Athlete Jacoby Ford / Fastest WR EVER 2010 NFL Combine

SHREDmill Athlete Mason Schreck

Gear 4 – Maximum Top Speed

Goal – Stride Length X Stride Frequency = Top Speed.  Long speed form and less power is the goal here.

SHREDmill Set Up – Hill at 17.5-25% and lower resistances.

Desired Speeds – 17-20 mph on the SHREDmill correlates to 18-23 mph on the ground in a 30 yard sprint

SHREDmill Athlete Mason Schreck

Track Athletes

Gear 5 – Top Speed Maintenance

Once a top speed is reached, it inevitably cannot stay there and starts to drop.  The goal here is to keep speed as much as possible.  This gear is rarely hit in team sports and mostly relegated to track events.

SHREDmill Athlete Troy Apke / Fastest Safety EVER 2017 NFL Combine



Kareem Jackson on a SHREDmill Pro


Mason Schreck on SHREDmill ProXL


Mark Ingram on SHREDmill ProXL